Green Week

Viking STEM club is hosting Green Week March 13th-17th!

  • Recycling Competition-Happening during lunch Monday through Thursday to see which grade level can recycle the most! The grade that is in the lead will be announced each day and Friday the winning class will be announced. Recycling bins will be labeled with grade levels and STEM members will be there to help monitor what gets recycled. 

  • Sustainability Q’s Competition- There will be posters around the school made by STEM members to educate readers about sustainability, recycling, and conservation. One poster each day will have a QR code that is linked to a question regarding the theme for that day. If students answer the question correctly, they are entered into a drawing. One person will be randomly selected as the winner for the prize and announced each day on morning announcements.  

  • Plants- Teachers and staff will be offered a plant for their room to help celebrate Green Week. Supplies are being donated by local gardeners and Voc block students will help with preparing the cuttings and distributing them to interested staff members. 

  • Stickers- STEM Members will be wearing “Viking STEM” pins all week and passing out sustainability/earth stickers to students who participate in the color scheme and competitions.

  • Movies- During lunch, there will be movies played which correspond to the theme for each day.