Keegan Wiggall

District Student of the Month for January - Kinder Elementary School student Keegan Wiggall

Colin Lopez

District Student of the Month for December - Jane Chance Elementary School student Colin Lopez

Andrew Fisher

District Student of the Month for November - Mark Twain Elementary School student Andrew Fisher

Kae Mastronardi

District Student of the Month for October - Miamisburg Middle School student Kae Mastronardi

Ava Stevens

District Student of the Month for September - Miamisburg High School student Ava Stevens



78.8% White Non-Hispanic; 30.5% Economically Disadvantaged; 18.3% Students with Disabilities ; 8.3% Black Non-Hispanic; 4.9% Hispanic ; 4.9% Multi-racial; 3.1% Asian or Pacific Islander; 2.5% English Learner


5,186 Pre K - Grade 12 Students. The District has an Attendance Rate of 93.4%, and a Graduation Rate of 94.2%


362 Certificated Staff, 277 Classified Staff, 46 Administrators, and 36 Non-Bargaining Employees


Maddux-Lang Primary School: Bronze Level ; Bauer, Bear, Jane Chance, Kinder, Mark Twain, Medlar View, and Mound: Platinum Level; Miamisburg Middle School: Platinum Level; and Miamisburg High School: Silver Level.

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