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76.3% White Non-Hispanic; 34.2% Economically Disadvantaged; 25.1% Students with Disabilities ; 10% Black Non-Hispanic; 5.9% Hispanic ; 4.3% Multi-racial; 3.6% Asian or Pacific Islander; 6.3% English Learner


Grades K-5; 298 Students

Staff Facts

23.5 Teachers; 76.6% hold Master's Degrees

Attendance Rate


Excellence in Prevention

Platinum Level School of Excellence in Prevention

Panorama Data

Ranked 80th percentile nationally for Teacher-Student Relationships based on Spring 2022 results.

MAP Data

Students made an average of 15 points of growth in Math and 12 points of growth in Reading during the 2021-22 school year.


Be responsible - Act with kindness - Respect others - Keep safe

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