The Miamisburg High School inducted 33 new members into the National Honor Society on the evening of Thursday, October 27, 2022. These students became the 100th group to be inducted into this chapter of the Miamisburg NHS.

Our new inductees recognized special educators who had made a difference in their lives. Our students described these special educators as kind, happy, humorous, helpful, inspiring, and encouraging. They went on to say that these educators made them feel safe and comfortable, they taught them about life, helped them to be the best version of themselves, and assisted them in developing a love for learning.

This special 100th group of inductees and their educators include: Fedora Bodkin (Becky Diehl), Kaylee Campbell (Kay Schenck), Brandon Clark (Jessica Hoban), Brooklyn Cotton (Kay Schenck), Kirsten Dales (Kelly Shock), Ashika Desai (Jared Lovin), Isabelle England (Terry Johnson), Anthony Ewing (Linda Wells), Makenzie Ferguson (Michelle Dakin), Allie Fries (Bethany Bules), Kendall Goodro (Megan Newton), Skyler Greggerson (Patti Bennett), Alyssa Griner (Ted Morningstar), Jordan Head (Kim Algren), Dalton Hill (Brandi Henry), Alexis Holland (Lori Curry), Kai Huffman (Maureen Tienda), Eva LaCombe (Sarah Tomashot), Kaleb Murphy (Melvin Johnson), Ryan Nguyen (Jason Curry), Adam Reese (Jared Lovin), Jennifer Rinderle (Brittany Andrix), Fletcher Rose (Zack Cline), Ella Savely (Bethany Bules), Nicole Schroeder (Melvin Johnson), Diya Shah (Katie Lay), Siya Shah (Maureen Tienda), Pauline Shin (Sarah Tomashot), Avery Shock (Melissa Risner), Jayleigh Thomas (Kevin Osborne), Ally Turner (Michael Black), Nicholas Wharton (Kellie Holliday), and Lauren Zanotelli (Jeremy Wysocki).