MCTA  Friend of Education Award

The Miamisburg Classroom Teacher Association Friend of Education Award was presented at the Opening Day meeting held at Miamisburg High School on Wednesday, August 9, 2023. The award was presented to Melanie Donbar and her 8 year old Puggle, Roger. The recipients were nominated by Kinder Elementary School teachers, and was presented by MHS teacher Lauren Luckoski.

The nomination stated, "It is with great pleasure that I nominate Roger, an 8 year old Puggle, and his owner Melanie Donbar, as candidates for our Miamisburg Friend of Education Award.  Roger and Melanie, volunteers with the Miami Valley Pet Therapy Association, have spent countless hours volunteering at Kinder Elementary during the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 school year to help us create the Reading with Roger program.  

With the Reading with Roger program teachers were able to sign up individual students in grades K-5 to spend one on one time reading to Roger during his bimonthly visits.  Roger not only provided a listening ear that helped our students practice their oral reading fluency skills, but he helped to build a love and excitement for reading.  Even our most reluctant readers looked forward to reading with Roger in a way that no reading curriculum could ever match. 

Roger has provided Kinder Elementary students with more than just reading practice.  In addition to boosting their confidence, Roger has provided unconditional support and helped to give our students a sense of comfort and peace during his visits.   We were able to see the direct impact of having an emotional support animal regularly in our school building.

Roger and Melanie’s dedication during the school year not just to the academic needs of our students, but to their social emotional needs as well, make them well deserving of this year’s Miamisburg Friend of Education Award. "

Thank you Melanie and Roger!