Before clicking the bus information link below you will need your child's Student ID Number .  If you are uncertain where to locate this information you may log into ProgressBook or contact your school office.  Your username and password are the same number.  Usernames and passwords cannot be changed. If you get a security ADVANCED and then select PROCEED.

Parochial parents - you may contact the Transportation Department for your log in information.

If you have any questions concerning the information contained in your child's bus information screen please call the Transportation Department at 937-866-1283.

If your child needs a secondary bus stop due to a non-custodial parent or home-based caregiver, within your school boundary bus area, then an Alternative Transportation Form MUST be on file at the Transportation office.  You can print this form from this webpage (see upper right corner) and fax/deliver it to the Transportation Office on 12th Street.  Without this form in place and approved the only bus stop your child can use is the stop based on the legal address on file at the school.  These forms must be renewed for each school year.  The time frame for processing and approval is approximately three to five days.