Chess Club - The goal of the Chess Club is to provide opportunities for the students of MMS to learn about the game of chess and develop strategies and critical thinking skills while making connections with their peers. The Chess Club is available to students in grades 6-8 at Miamisburg Middle School. Meetings take place once a week after school. Students can join at any time during the school year and may attend as many or as few meetings as they like.

Destination Imagination- Destination Imagination is a problem-solving competition where 6th-8th-grade students work in teams of up to 7 members to find a solution to a challenge. Teams are formed in September. The students will use creative thinking and critical thinking skills while also learning how to manage a project and get along well with others. Once the team members have found their solution, they must then create a skit to show their solution to a team of judges.  The students do all of the work – create props and backdrops, make their own costumes, write their own script, as well as design and build any technical component that is a requirement of the challenge. Teams will work from November to March on their solution and present it to the regional competition judges at Sinclair Community College. Competitions are also held at the state level, at worldwide levels, with the world competition at the University of Tennessee in May.

FCA- The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is the largest Christian sports organization in America. The Miamisburg FCA huddle has been around for years and meets twice a month before the school day begins. At these meetings, students are able to spend some time hanging around with friends while enjoying breakfast. Then student-leaders focus the group to make a difference for Christ by sharing a devotional they have planned in advance. Next, the huddle moves to the gym for some fun and games. The huddle is open to all 6th-8th graders who may join at any time during the year. 

MMS Jazz Ensemble- The jazz band is an auditioned group that begins in January and is comprised of students playing saxophone, trombone, trumpet, guitar, bass, piano, and drums.  All students must successfully complete an audition to participate and membership is limited to the top musicians. 7th and 8th grade only - rehearsals are Mondays and selected Fridays after school until 4:15. Performances are in the spring.

Muse Machine-The Muse Machine is a successful cultural arts program geared to the Ohio Standards. Its mission is to change the lives of young people through the arts with a vision to be an indispensable resource for increasing student achievement. MMS Muse Machine has won several Greater Dayton area awards as one of the most comprehensive and effective clubs which provide students with multiple opportunities to enjoy the arts, through in-school performances (dancing with famous choreographers, taking part of a musical trip through history with the actors from the Human Race, enjoying mixed up fairy tales with the Dayton Opera , or watching Amber Harris become Tina Turner) , out-of-school shows( going to the Schuster Center, Loft Theater, LaComedia, the Victoria, Wright State, and the Dayton Art Inst.), interactive club activities, and community involvement. Musers also sponsor an end of the year dance for the all of MMS. Musers are able to access the web ( to sign up as members at any time (membership is open all year long for 6th, 7th and 8th graders), check auditions and workshops, and to view upcoming events.

Outdoor Club- The goal of the Outdoor Club is to provide opportunities for the students of MMS to enjoy the outdoors while making connections with their school and peers.  The Outdoor Club is available to students in grades 6-8 at Miamisburg Middle School. Events are planned once a month.  In addition, monthly meetings are held for members that are interested in planning the next month's event.  Students can join at any time during the school year and may attend as many or as few events as they like.

Page Turners Club- The goal of Page Turners is to promote the excitement of reading both in and out of the classroom to the students at MMS. Multiple novels are introduced at each meeting, and students are provided the opportunity to discuss these stories with one another. Page Turners is available to students in grade 6-8 at Miamisburg Middle School. Meetings take place once a month after school. Students can join at any time during the school year and may attend as many or as few meetings as they like.

Pride- Pride Club is a student organization that supports the 40 Assets. Some of our activities have been participating in the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk and Red Ribbon Week activities. We also plan fun outings like going to haunted houses. Students are asked to join during the first month of the school year via announcements, however, new members are always welcome throughout the year. There currently is no fee or form to complete for student membership. All grade levels are welcome.

Student Council- Student Council is a leadership, service and charitable organization open to students in grades 6-8.  Student Council supports all the student dances, the canned food drive, they adopt a family at Christmas, collect for Pasta for Pennies, volunteer at the 6th-grade orientation, serve as parent-teacher conference guides and support Teacher Appreciation Week. Students write an essay explaining the qualities that would make them a good member. Applications for membership are available in September.

Yearbook Staff- The yearbook staff is a small, dedicated group of students responsible for writing, photography, designing of yearbook pages, and marketing of the Miamisburg Middle School Yearbook. The members of the yearbook staff are assigned pages to work on so the yearbook is made entirely by the staff. The yearbook staff must attend certain school events to take photographs and must be reliable to meet deadlines. The staff is usually chosen the first or second week of September. There are two students chosen from each team in grades 6-8.


Football-July 30
Cross Country-August 1st
Girls Tennis - August 1st
Girls Volleyball-August 1st (tryouts)*
Football Cheer-(tryouts in May)*
Color Guard-late July-early August

Girls Basketball-(tryouts late Oct.)*
Boys Basketball-(tryouts late Oct.)*
Wrestling-early November
Swimming/Diving-early November
Gymnastics-early November
Basketball Cheer-tryouts in May*
Competition Cheer-tryouts in May*
Winter Guard-November

Track and Field-early March
Boys Tennis - early March
Boys Lacrosse-mid Feb-club
Girls Lacrosse - mid Feb-club
Girls Softball- mid. Feb (tryouts)*
Baseball - mid. Feb (tryouts)*

*Have to try out to make team and subject to cuts.
Club=not school funded

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