IMG 9412The Counseling Services web page is a resource providing information about academic planning and post-secondary options. The Counseling Services team consists of Sarah Snyder (A-D students), Karen Newkirk (E-K students), Zachary Myers  (L-R students), Melissa Risner (S-Z students) and secretaries  Barbara Hoffman and Gena Orwick. Our Counseling Services team works with students to discover the many opportunities available to them during high school and beyond. Please contact us if you have any questions about our program or if you would like to discuss your child’s academic status and or future plans. (Pictured at left are Sarah Snyder, Karen Newkirk, Gena Orwick, Barbara Hoffman, Zach Myers, and Melissa Risner)


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Miamisburg High School administers the PSAT test each year.  The PLAN test is the practice test for the ACT test. The PSAT is the practice SAT test and is administered to both sophomores and juniors. The PSAT is administered in the fall and we have limited spaces available. Students who plan on attending a 4-year college would benefit from taking the PSAT test. The PSAT test is also used to determine whether a student can advance in the National Merit Scholarship Program for juniors.

*Please note that students receiving 504 or IEP accomodations should notify their counselor 2 months prior to the regular registration deadline for their testing if they would like to apply for accomodations.

The school code for Miamisburg High School is 363-385. To sign up, click on the links below. The ACT and SAT are college entrance tests. All juniors will take the ACT (No writing) at MHS in the spring of their junior year. There is no cost to the student. Students who would like to re-take the ACT or test prior to the testing in the spring of their junior year can access test registration links below. Some colleges require a writing score when applying so students should research their school selections and take the ACT with writing if needed. Current prices ACT $46.00 or ACT with writing $62.50. Students may also register for the SAT test. Current prices SAT $46.00 with essay $60.00
Students who plan on attending Sinclair Community College will take Sinclair’s placement test called the Accuplacer. Sinclair provides students access to free online practice tests.

*Please note that students receiving 504 or IEP accomodations should notify their counselor 2 months prior to the regular registration deadline for their testing if they would like to apply for accomodations.

Financial Aid
Each year the Counseling Services Department holds a meeting to help parents navigate the sometimes confusing world of financial aid. A representative from the University of Dayton speaks generally about financial aid opportunities and how to access them at all colleges and universities.  During the Financial Aid meeting, the Free Application For Student Aid (FAFSA) will be discussed. The FASFA is a form required by all colleges and universities in order to access financial aid. The form is completed online and a PIN number is required to access your form. To obtain a FAFSA pin go to Once you obtain your PIN number you can file the FAFSA at The FAFSA can be completed after Jan 1st of the students senior year. A PIN number can be obtained at anytime during your senior year.

Scholarship Opportunities
Monthly Counseling Services Newsletter
The Counseling Services Department newsletter is published each month during the school year. The Counseling Services Team works very hard to locate all available scholarships and provide students with the necessary information. Students can obtain a copy in the Counseling Services Department. Newsletters are posted online monthly. Scholarships will change each month so students and parents are encouraged to read the newsletter closely.

Dayton Montgomery County Scholarship
Senior students who have a GPA of 2.50 and are attending college are eligible to apply for the Dayton Montgomery County Scholarship. This scholarship is need based and the FASFA is required to apply. Counseling Services will meet with all of the students who qualify and give them information on applying. The application is completed online. Dayton Montgomery County also have other scholarships opportunities for Miamisburg students. For more information visit your Counseling Services Department.

Miamisburg Schools Education Foundation Scholarships and Local Scholarships
Senior students will have the opportunity to compete for over $34,000 in local scholarships during the spring of their senior year. These scholarships are made possible through donations from benefactors from Miamisburg, the Dayton Area, and the Dayton Foundation. All senior students will be given information on the scholarships available during senior meetings. If you have any questions on a specific scholarship, please contact your child’s counselor.
Scholarship Searches
The following websites are excellent resources for scholarships. These sites allow students to fill out a profile that matches them to potential scholarships.

NCAA  and NAIA Clearinghouses
Students who are interested in playing Division 1 or Division 2 sports in college must register with the NCAA to determine their eligibility. To register visit and

Students who are interested in competing at an NAIA school should visit

College Visits
We encourage students to begin taking college visits as soon as possible. Students may take a maximum of 3 college visits each school year. Students who are in need of college visit form should visit their counselor.
Colleges and universities will also be visiting MHS. These visits are available to our senior students. Interested students should visit the Counseling Services Office to review the calendar of schools which are visiting.
College Applications
Students will begin applying to colleges during their senior year. The counselors meet with seniors during September to outline the college application process. All college applications are now submitted online. Any student who has a question about applying to college should visit their counselor.

Click here to view the 2022-23 Program of Studies. The Program of Studies contains vital information about the course of study and scheduling process for students and parents. If you would like a paper copy of the Program of Studies, please stop by the Counseling Services Office.

The Miamisburg Board recognizes that an effective educational program is one that provides opportunities for students to customize aspects of their learning around their respective needs and interests.  Credit flexibility is one method to motivate and increase student learning by allowing access to more resources, customization around individual student needs and the use of multiple measures of learning.

Credit flexibility shifts the focus from “seat time” to performance.  Students can earn units of high school credit based on an individually approved credit flexibility plan.  The intent of credit flexibility is to meet increased expectations for high school graduation in response to globalization, technology and demographics, and to meet the demand for 21st century skills.

In accordance with State law, the District must develop and implement a credit flexibility plan that enables students to earn high school credit by:
    1.    completing coursework;
    2.    testing out or showing mastery of course content;
    3.    pursuing an educational option and/or an individually approved option and/or
    4.    any combination of the above.
The Superintendent/designee develops the District’s credit flexibility plan consistent with the provisions of the following regulation.
 [Adoption date: March 18, 2010]

NOTE:     In 2007, the Ohio General Assembly enacted Senate Bill (SB) 311, also known as the Ohio Core, which directed the State Board of Education to adopt a plan that enables students to earn units of high school credit based on demonstration of subject area competency, instead of or in combination with completing hours of classroom instruction.

SB 311 requires all local school boards to comply with the provisions of the State Board’s credit flexibility plan by adopting local board policy (ORC 3313.603(J)). Full implementation of the local board policy must be reached by the beginning of the 2010-11 school year.

In accordance with State law, the District’s plan for credit flexibility must:
    1.    identify the multiple methods of communication and frequency of each method the District will use to communicate the aspects of the credit flexibility policy and
           plan to students and parents on an on-going basis;
    2.    allow for demonstrated proficiency options on an on-going basis;
    3.    allow for graded options for demonstrated proficiency;
    4.    allow demonstration of proficiency to count towards course requirements for graduation;
    5.    determine credit equivalency for a Carnegie unit;
    6.    prohibit capping or limiting the number of courses or credits earned through credit flexibility;
    7.    allow for both simultaneous credit and/or partial credit to be earned;
    8.    not prohibit access to online education, postsecondary options or services from another district, as approved by the Board;
    9.    allow, if so desired, for the acceptance of credit from other districts and educational providers;
  10.    establish provisions for instances when students do not or cannot complete requirements and
  11.    establish a review process and submit data to the Ohio Department of Education about the methods and frequency of communication with students and parents.

In addition, the Superintendent/designee collects performance data including, but not limited to, the number of participating students, total credits earned and extent to which student participation reflects diversity of the student body.

The Ohio Department of Education recommends that the Superintendent maintain a “library” of courses that were previously accepted to assist students, parents and teachers with understanding available options (or those unique to local contexts and regional economic development interests).

(Approval date: March 18, 2010)

PE Flex Credit calls for a great deal of maturity and self-discipline on the part of the student.   To begin the process, students need to read all attached materials, complete the application form (including all signatures) and turn the application form into the Counseling Services Department.  At the end of the semester, the student will schedule a time to meet with a PE teacher in order to complete all benchmarks (about an hour) and turn in the completed PE I or PE II packet.





The Board desires that its standards for graduation meet or exceed the minimum standards of the Ohio Department of Education as well as State law and, further, that our high school compares favorably with other high schools in the State that are recognized for excellence.

The Board assumes that at the time of graduation each student has fulfilled all academic and financial obligations.  A good school record, scholastic and otherwise, is the best recommendation a student can offer, either for college admission or for a job.  A record of good personal behavior and cooperation is expected.

To earn a diploma, a student must successfully complete required credits * (see chart below), meet state testing requirements, and meet the following specific requirements.

SUBJECT AREA               
MATHEMATICS 4 credits taken in grades 9–12 (Must include 1 credit of Algebra II or the equivalent of Algebra II).
SCIENCE 3 credits (Must include 1 credit of physical sciences, 1 credit of life sciences and 1 credit advanced study in one or more of the following sciences: Chemistry, Physics, or other physical science; Advanced Biology or other life science.
SOCIAL STUDIES 3 credits (Must include 1 credit of U.S. History, and 1 credit of Government; beginning with the Class of 2019 1 credit of Social Studies 9 (World History).
HEALTH 1/2 credit
PHYSICAL EDUCATION 1/2 credit (Maximum ONE credit toward graduation is allowed in Physical Education.) Students are required to take Physical Education I and Physical Education II.
FINE ARTS 1 credit Fine Arts – Art, Music, Film Criticism, Introduction to TV, Introduction to Acting and Theater.
ELECTIVES 6 credits - Must include: one credit or 2 half credits in Business, Technology, Fine Arts or World Language, 1/2 credit in Family Consumer Sciences and 1/2 credit in computers (Computer Applications recommended). Counselors will assist students with recommended electives.


In addition to the state minimum requirements for graduation, Miamisburg City Schools require additional credits to graduate. The counselors will help plan for meeting this criteria.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of each student to know how many credits he/she has earned and which ones are needed for graduation.

Maximum ONE credit toward graduation is allowed in Physical Education.


To earn a diploma, a MVCTC student must successfully complete 22 credits, meet state testing requirements, and meet all MHS graduation requirements.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of each student to know how many credits he/she has earned and which ones are needed for graduation.

The Miami Valley Career Technical Center is a fantastic opportunity available to our students at Miamisburg High School. Sophomore students will have the opportunity to tour MVCTC and select two programs to visit. MVCTC has 36 programs, most of which are Tech Prep. Students who complete a Tech Prep program and meet eligibility criteria, can move on to Sinclair Community College with a $3000.00 dollar scholarship. This scholarship covers most of the student’s degree in an area of their career cluster. MVCTC is an excellent way for students to obtain job skills that allow them to be competitive in their field of choice upon graduation. Click here to learn more about the programs at the Miami Valley Career Technical Center.

In addition to the state minimum requirements for graduation, Miamisburg City Schools require additional credits to graduate. The counselors will help plan for meeting this criteria.

Summer school credits are accepted toward graduation provided that administrative approval has been given prior to registration for the course.

College Credit Plus (formerly PSEO) is a program that eligible students can participate in to receive high school and college credits. Students who are interested must attend an orientation session or meet with their counselor byApril 1st of the year preceding enrollment. Please see your counselor with any questions.

Student work completed prior to the ninth grade is applied towards graduation credit if the course is taught by a teacher holding a license valid for teaching high school and is designated by the Board as meeting the high school curriculum requirements. These courses are not included in the GPA and class rank.

The District offers community service education which acquaints students with the history and importance of volunteer service and with a wide range of existing community needs.   Community service opportunities may be considered an elective towards graduation.

[Adoption date: February 16, 2010]
[Revised date: March 18, 2010]


Students who are in need of a work permit can visit Student Services at MHS or the Central Office at 540 E. Park Avenue (across from Wantz). Students will need a current physical, parent signature, verification from their place of employment, and a signature from the Superintendent which are all found on the work permit application. The work permit application must be competed before a work permit can be issued.

Students enrolling at Miamisburg High School will need to bring the following items.
     •    Birth Certificate
     •    Social Security Card
     •    Proof of Residency (ie: Copy of DP&L, Time Warner, Vectren, or Water Bill)
     •    Proof of Custody if not living with both natural parents
     •    Immunization Record
     •    Transcripts
     •    IEP/MFE if applicable

     •    Copy of Parent Photo I.D. - State Issued
Click here to print application.

Miamisburg High School is proud to house 4 Tech Prep programs at the high school. Our programs include Media Arts Tech Prep, Environmental Engineering Tech Prep, Exercise Science Tech Prep, and Information Technology Tech Prep. Each January the teachers from these programs have a luncheon for sophomore students who meet the eligibility criteria for entry into the Tech Prep programs. The students then apply to the program of their choice. For more information on Tech Prep click here or contact your student’s counselor.

  The Class of 2017 must pass all sections of the Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) in order to receive their diploma and participate in graduation ceremonies. Students’ first opportunity to take the OGT is during the spring of their sophomore year. Students will then have three additional opportunities per year to pass any sections that they may have not completed successfully. MHS also provides tutoring for students prior to the test during their senior year. The Ohio Department of Education provides FREE study materials for the OGT tests. The materials can be found at
the ODE website.

Beginning with the Class of 2018 and beyond, students will participate in 7 End of Course Exams to fulfill state graduation requirements. These exams will be in the following areas: English 9, English 10, Algebra I, Geometry, Physical Science, American History, and American Government. Students will earn 1-5 points based on their performance on each exam. In order to meet graduation requirements, students must earn a minimum of 18 total graduation points on the End of Course Exams. Of those 18, 4 points must come from English EOCE; 4 points must come from Math EOCE; 6 points must come from the Science and Social Studies EOCE. Students will be given the opportunity to retake an exam if they have not me the minimum graduation points. For more information, please visit the Ohio Department of Education website at:

Current students in need of transcript can visit the Counseling Services Office. The cost for a transcript is $2.00 per copy. One complimentary copy will be sent to the college or university of the student’s choice based on the Senior Exit Survey. Former students who are in need of a transcript may contact the Counseling Services Office at 937-866-0771. The cost of the transcript is $3.00 per copy for students not currently attending Miamisburg High School and a release of information needs to be signed by the requesting student.