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Attention parents of Parochial - CTC - and out of district special needs students:
When Miamisburg City Schools are closed, due to a Professional Development day on the calendar, non-public buses run as scheduled.
Our transfer buses (CTC, STEM) will still pick up at the high school with a close the door roll time of 7:15 a.m.
A Miamisburg calendar is available to view by clicking on this link

Before clicking the bus information link below you will need your child's Student ID Number .  If you are uncertain where to locate this information you may log into ProgressBook or contact your school office.  Your username and password are the same number.  Usernames and passwords cannot be changed. If you get a security ADVANCED and then select PROCEED.

Parochial parents - you may contact the Transportation Department for your log in information.

If you have any questions concerning the information contained in your child's bus information screen please call the Transportation Department at 937-866-1283.


Bus stop information is updated frequently. Please check back for more accurate stop times as they can change with new and withdrawn students.

Buses can run 5-10 minutes earlier or later than the published stop time due to circumstances beyond our control. Please have your student(s) prepared for this window of time.

Students are assigned a place of safety to wait for the bus. A student's legal bus stop is the one closest to your home. Use of any bus stop other than the legal stop must be approved, in writing, by the Transportation Office. 

Face coverings are currently required due to the state mandate.

If your child needs a secondary bus stop due to a non-custodial parent or home-based caregiver, within your school boundary bus area, then an Alternative Transportation Form MUST be on file at the Transportation office.  You can print this form from this webpage (see upper right corner) and fax/deliver it to the Transportation Office on 12th Street.  Without this form in place and approved the only bus stop your child can use is the stop based on the legal address on file at the school.  These forms must be renewed for each school year.  The time frame for processing and approval is approximately three to five days.

Click on the poster for a closer look.

Transportation POS Flier 2013

Ohio State law requires ONE designated bus stop CLOSEST to your home.  Use of any other bus stop without written approval by the Transportation Office is not allowed. 

The Miamisburg City School District DOES NOT assign a bus stop where a student would have to cross the railroad tracks from their home address.  Please use the closest bus stop to your home WITHOUT crossing railroad tracks.  If you have any questions please call 866-1283.



BUS RED LIGHT.CROSS ARM VEHICLE REQUIREMENTSDrivers on the road may be confused when they see a school bus stop arm pop out during a student's drop-off. When do drivers need to stop and when are they allowed to continue driving? The law depends on the number of lanes.

On a two-lane roadway, drivers traveling in both directions must stop for school buses. By law, drivers must remain stopped until the bus is in motion again or the bus driver signals that traffic can proceed.

On a road with four or more lanes, drivers on the opposite site of a stopped school bus do not need to stop. Only vehicles on the same side of the roadway are required to stop. That law is applicable in Ohio, but not in all other states. On roads with four or more lanes, Ohio law requires that school buses pick up students on the same side of the road that the passenger lives on.

A driver breaking these laws can face fines up to $500 and a temporarily suspended license.

Transportation Forms and Guidelines