Miamisburg City School District
Strategic Plan for
2015-2016 and 2016-2017

Miamisburg City School District's vision is to assist teachers in helping students become skilled, knowledgeable, independent, and self-directed learners who are college and BlueCrest08career ready. Through the use of varied instructional strategies and technology each student will be afforded opportunities and challenges that will allow them to successfully acquire 21st century skills which include:

Critical thinking and problem solving

Research and information literacy/ fluency Enhanced means of communication

Collaboration and cooperative learning

Use of creativity and innovation

1. Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
Every classroom will have effective instruction led by a highly qualified teacher using an aligned curriculum, ongoing assessments, and integrated technology to engage learners. Teachers will be encouraged and provided ample opportunity to participate in relevant professional development to enhance instructional practices and increase student achievement.

1.1. District and building administration will collaborate with grade level, building, and department teams to analyze and utilize various means of data ensuring that by June of 2017 at least 88% of students in state-tested grades and subjects score proficient or higher resulting in a Performance Index score above 100 as well as meeting all included indicators in the State Achievement rating.

1.2 By June of 2017, 100% of students will show one year’s growth as measured by state and/or district assessment tools.

1.4 By June of 2017, 100% of our teachers will utilize data from a variety of resources to guide instruction and improve student achievement.

1.5 By June of 2017, 100% of professional development will support the teachers in the implementation of rigor and relevancy into classroom instruction leading to increased student achievement.

2. Fiscal Stability
The Miamisburg City Board of Education continually strives to be good stewards of the public tax dollars received. While funds from the State continue to fluctuate and financial challenges face our district, the Board, CFO and Superintendent have taken proactive steps to live within our means and still provide every student with the best possible education. The CFO will carefully watch and update the Board, administration and staff during this era of financial uncertainty.

2.1 Continue to prepare a Consolidated Annual Financial Report (CAFR) every year in order to gain more detailed analysis of district finances and to increase the timeliness of audits.

2.2 Implement technology enhanced procedures for financial processes to improve efficiency such as a Time & Attendance System, or other technology which integrates with the current payroll or accounting software programs.

2.3 Improve overall communications and transparency efforts in our financial matters by posting the

5-year forecasts and presentations, monthly financial reports and audit reports, as well as the Consolidated Annual Financial Report (CAFR) on the district website.

3. Facilities
The Miamisburg City School district will plan and provide facilities which are aligned to projected student population growth and that enhance present and future educational programs. Long range plans include maintenance, renovation, and construction of efficient facilities as related to district educational and operational program needs.

3.1 The Miamisburg City School District will maintain an effective long range plan for facilities development and maintenance that will be continually reviewed, evaluated, and communicated.

3.2 The facilities planning process will include guidance and input from a representation of stakeholders and led by the district Facilities Steering Committee, inclusive of district personnel; Board of Education member(s) and stakeholders.

3.3 The Miamisburg City School District will review and develop an operational plan to provide cost and energy efficiencies within the facilities including 1) a review and analysis of current energy utilization, 2) increased awareness and improved actions regarding energy and resource conservation, 3) a review of the efficiencies and effectiveness of Business operations including Maintenance, Custodial Services, Nutrition Services, and Transportation.

4. Technology
The Miamisburg City School District will use technology to assist teachers in helping students become skilled, knowledgeable, independent, and self-directed learners. Through the use of technology, each student will be afforded opportunities and challenges that will allow them to successfully acquire 21st century skills.

4.1 Increase accessibility to and training for a variety of technologies used in education. To continually assess our current technology infra-structure while exploring the latest advances to improve the instructional capacity at all levels.

4.2 Increase staff use of technology in the daily aspects of instruction as measured by pre /post survey data.

4.3 To enhance student achievement scores through improved quality, flexibility and delivery of instruction, including the development and implementation of lesson plans that integrate technology which align to content standards.

4.4 To ensure students will be prepared to excel in the community, work place, and in our global society using 21st century skills as measured by available data.

5. Community
Miamisburg City School District is an integral part of the surrounding community and will work collaboratively with all stakeholders to enhance the quality of life in our region.

5.1 Through the use of email, phone contact, notes/letters or other methods, interact with our parents on a regular basis throughout the school year.

5.2 Implement outreach activities that engage non-school groups through invitations to building activities, newsletters, frequent website updates, and/or other means.

5.3 Sustain current partnerships and increase vibrant business partnerships that enhance the educational process in our schools, as well as with various media outlets.

5.4 District-wide recognition of our business partners through newsletters, announcements, and/or web site.

5.5 Cooperative participation with community leaders within the school community through attendance at meetings, individually and collectively, to maintain communication and collaborative efforts.