All recruiters, military, nonmilitary, commercial and educational, are treated uniformly in the conduct of on-campus student recruitment. Scheduling of recruiting visits to the District is announced to the student body in advance. Recruiters are afforded the opportunity to conduct meetings during the school day with those students who are interested.

All group meetings are to be scheduled through the principal’s office. Classroom teachers who schedule recruiters as a career awareness activity should coordinate these activities through the appropriate building administrator.

In order to maintain the privacy of its students, the Board prohibits the disclosure of any student list to any commercial organization which intends to use the list for commercial purposes. “Student list” is defined as Board-approved directory information. “Commercial organization” is defined as any entity which is a for-profit organization. “Commercial purpose” is defined as any activity which is an attempt to solicit business for profit. The Superintendent shall establish a procedure to be followed by all corporation employees when a request for a student list is made by a commercial organization.

Names and addresses of students in grades 10 through 12 must be released to a recruiting officer of the armed forces unless a parent or student (age 18 or older) submits a written request not to release the information.


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