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The Miamisburg City Schools are committed to meeting the needs of individual learners and providing opportunities for their achievement of maximum personal growth and development. Of great importance is a curriculum designed to address the unique needs of gifted and talented students. Programs with special allocations of time, service, and resources can serve these differences. The Challenger Program, for identified “gifted and talented” students, is a logical extension of the commitment and belief of the Miamisburg School District. This program provides planned learning experiences for grades 3-5 that take into consideration individual learning styles and special abilities. As students enter grades 6-12, honors courses, Advanced Placement courses, enrichment activities in music and art, and post-secondary opportunities are made available to those students who qualify.

Special Education programs and services are offered to students with disabilities. Instruction is provided by specially trained and certified teachers who provide individualized instruction based on an individual student’s needs. Classroom instruction, tutoring services, and inclusive classes are all components of our special education services.

Activities beyond the classroom give an added dimension to a student’s experience allowing Miamisburg students to reach for athletic, artistic, musical, and academic expression outside of the normal school routine. Destination Imagination, District Science Fair, Muse Machine, Academic Challenge, Band, Winter Guard, Men’s and Women’s Athletics, Science Olympiad, Ohio Mock Trial, and National Honor Society, along with many other opportunities, allow Miamisburg students to excel.
Identification of Children with Disabilities
Miamisburg City Schools District Policy and the Individuals with Disabilities Improvement Act (IDEIA) requires annual notice of identification and evaluation of children with disabilities including children whose parents have placed them in a chartered, non-public schools within Miamisburg City Schools boundaries regardless of where the parent resides.

Disability conditions include learning disabilities, speech and language disabilities, multiple disabilities, autism, cognitive disabilities, and emotional disturbances. Also included are hearing, vision or other health disabilities.

If any one knows of or suspects a preschool or school age child with a disability, please contact Katy Lucas, Director, Pupil Services, 540 E. Park Avenue, Miamisburg, Ohio 45342, (937) 866-3381.