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The Public will be given the opportunity for comments at the end of the board meeting. Each person addressing the Board shall give his/her name and address. Each person is allotted three minutes to speak until the total time of 30 minutes is used. We will give a thirty second warning, so speakers know when their three minutes is up. During public participation, each member of the public should direct their comments to the Board as a whole. Consistent with our policy, this is not a time to question individual board members or district employees. As a reminder, our expectation at all board meetings is that everyone conducts themselves civilly and respectfully. We will not tolerate profanity, frivolous, repetitive, or harassing statements.

The District mission is to foster a positive, nurturing, and safe environment to inspire and support ongoing learning and the development of individuals as productive members of society. At our last meeting, not everyone lived up to the aspirations of our mission. We understand that our community is diverse, and we respect and appreciate the opinions of all our community members. At the same time, we must be able to conduct our meetings in an orderly fashion. Our expectation tonight is that everyone conducts themselves civilly and respectfully. In the event anyone is disruptive and interferes with the meeting, they will be asked to leave. If they do not, we will request that law enforcement assist in the process.